Why Live Casino Seems Ideal for Advantage Play

With the online casino craze in full swing, many gamblers are taking notice. One of the most exciting and social features of online casinos is the use of live dealers to facilitate the action.

These rooms bring the look and feel of your favorite casino into your home. Casual gamblers are flocking to these games in record numbers. Let’s take a look at how live casinos can provide a more personalized feel and whether or not advantage gamblers should invest their energy in the latest online craze.

How Live Dealer Tables Differ from Standard Online Tables

The differences between standard online casino games and live casino games are astounding. The first few things you will notice are that the cards seem to appear out of thin air and that there is no dealer when playing online casino games.

It seems that the auto-generated nature of the game doesn’t change the overall feel of the casino too much. However, it creates a sterile environment that leaves many players wanting more.

Live Casino also offers players a tipping option that you won’t find in regular online games. Live dealer games are as close to a real casino experience as you can get without wearing pants.

Advantages of playing live games

Live dealer casinos offer players many additional benefits when comparing the games to online or even physical casino games. For most casual gamblers, the most important feature is the party atmosphere created by the live dealer games. When you play at a typical casino, the social atmosphere of the games adds great value to the overall experience.

Playing at most online casinos will ultimately deprive players of this aspect of gambling, but live dealer casinos promote a fun and social atmosphere.

Another obvious advantage is that the random number generator does not generate results. The RNG used in online casinos are designed to produce results that perfectly mimic the odds of casino table games. However, many players prefer the certainty and comfort of letting the dealer facilitate the action. This also helps to slow down the pace of the game and prevents players from burning their hands like they do with slots.

Disadvantages of Live Casino Games

It may seem counterintuitive, but live casinos can do more harm than good. First, there is no time limit for online casinos. Because it is you and the game, so do not rush to make a decision. Live casino has more than enough time limits, but there is no timer to ease the pressure on new players.

Players will also see a higher minimum table count in the Live Dealer Casino. In the long run, this will cost you more, but the casino has more live game spending. This allows them to maximize their profits.

Another problem is the limited number of available seats. For the average online casino player, this may never be a problem. But land-based gamblers are all too familiar with the challenges of grabbing a seat during peak hours.

Despite the many drawbacks of playing in live casinos, they seem to be the perfect way for advantage gamblers to flex their skills.

Why Live Casino Seems Ideal for Advantage Play

Players are not entirely convinced that live casinos are perfect for Advantage Play. When you reintroduce live dealers, many of the obstacles for players using the Advantage Play method seem to disappear.

For example, Live Casino does not use a random number generator to generate the cards for online blackjack. Therefore, the entire set is not always in play, which effectively crushes the card counter’s hopes.

In addition, card counters seem to gain a huge advantage because they can more easily hide their actions. Cleaning the card counters in a live casino should not be a problem without dealers, casino owners and security guards watching their every move.

Roulette players can set up all available techniques to time and gain an advantage. All of this can be done from the comfort of your home without fear of being sued. Please don’t forget that using electronic devices to influence or gain an advantage is a crime in most areas.

Playing cards is also easier in a live casino. You can record the action on your smartphone and view the footage before it’s your turn to take action. Even edge sorting seems likely to reappear on the table. This is not possible in an online casino for the simple reason that the digital cards do not show any signs of wear and tear, nor do they show any defects.